Roper Vintage Stoves

In existence since 1874, antique Roper stoves can still be found through collectors. The company is now owned by General Electric, but its brand name was acquired by Whirlpool during a contested takeover attempt in the late 1980s. There are currently only three Roper-branded stoves manufactured by Whirlpool: a pair of 30-inch freestanding gas ranges and an electric range, also at 30 inches.

Most prominent among Roper's vintage items is its Town and Country model, built with a porcelain exterior cabinet. Examples from the late 1940s include a 1949 40-inch stove with six burners, each including a simmer cone; and also featuring two full ovens, each with a broiler underneath; and added classic amenities, such as a built-in minute timer and salt-and-pepper shakers. But the Town and Country came larger as well, such as an eight-burner model equipped with two baking ovens, a roasting oven, two broilers and an 18-inch center surface griddle. Depending on the amount of restoration needed and the size, models can be purchased from antique collectors for anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Roper's History

Formed in 1874, Roper Corp. would become one of the world's top appliance dealers, topping $700 million in sales in the late 1980s as a bitter fight to acquire the company took place between Whirlpool Corp. and General Electric. Under the deal, General Electric acquired Roper's manufacturing for stoves and lawn equipment, while Whirlpool received the Roper name for major appliances. G.E. supplied Whirlpool with electric and gas ranges for the Roper brand, giving Whirlpool what it sought while allowing G.E. access to major retailer Sears, Roebuck, a major Roper carrier, as well as Roper manufacturing facilities.

Repairs And Parts

The vintage Roper products are no longer supported by the company. Whirlpool says that, depending on the model number, they may still be able to obtain replacement parts through their distributor. If that fails, though, parts are best found through appliance antique collectors, several of which can be found online. Major repairs or restorations will require a specialist.


Because of their age, Roper's vintage stoves are no longer covered by any warranty. Parts warranties vary depending on the model, according to Whirlpool.

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