GE Stoves and Ranges

The General Electric company is one of the biggest manufacturers of appliances in the world and offers a huge number of electric and gas stoves, ranges, and ovens. Their products include free-standing, built-in, and slide-in units. They also manufacture and sell counter-top ranges and warming drawers. Most of free-standing units are 30" in width, but they do make some 24" models in both electric and gas

GE offers a wide selection of styles and configurations in their cooking appliances. The standard four colors are black, white, bisque, and stainless steel. Their gas units have options in the number of stovetop burners, self-cleaning ovens, sealed and non-sealed burners and output. Their electric units have options in convection ovens, heating element types, and self-cleaning ovens.

GE's History

General Electric came into existence in 1892, with the merging of the Edison General Electric Company and the Thomas-Houston Company. These two former competitors then worked as one company to meet the electric needs of cities, businesses, and individuals. In 1907, GE created a line of cooking appliances. Throughout the years, the company has innovated in a number of technological realms, including aviation, plastics and nanotechnology. They have also ventured into communications, with their acquisition of the National Broadcasting Company in 1986.

Parts and Repair Information

GE sells parts for its appliances to either upgrade an appliance or to replace worn parts. Their parts department is available by phone at 1-877-959-8688 for more information or help concerning parts. They also provide repair services, which can be scheduled online or over the phone at 1-866-383-3933. Services and parts may not be covered by a product's warranty, depending on the type of warranty and the age of the appliance.

Warranty Information

GE appliances come with a one-year limited warranty that covers defects in manufacturing. A service contract can be purchased for extended coverage and servicing. This service contract covers parts and labor on appliances under 15 years-old.

Contacting GE

General Electric Company
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