Montgomery Ward Ovens

The original Montgomery Ward stores sold a wide range of appliances, including refrigerators, stoves and other household products. However, the company went out of business in 2000 after several years of financial struggles. Today, Montgomery Ward exists in name only, operating as an online store that doesn't have any concrete connection to the original retail establishment of the same name. Montgomery Ward stoves sold in stores were usually manufactured by one of the major home appliance companies operating at the time. The standard range would have the main features expected by consumers, such as a four-burner stove-top and oven.

Company History

Founded by Aaron Montgomery Ward in 1872, Montgomery Ward began by selling high-quality goods to rural families for reasonable prices. The first catalog was printed on a single sheet of paper and listed 163 items for sale. By 1883, the catalog comprised of 240 pages and 10,000 items. The first retail store was opened in Plymouth, Indiana, in 1926. The company continued to do well until the early 1950s when the birth of suburbia began to change the fabric of America and influence the way its citizens lived, worked, and shopped. Montgomery Ward remained viable in urban areas, while its competitors expanded into the suburbs and strip malls. After experiencing financial trouble, the company merged with Container Corp. of America in the 1970s. It was acquired by Mobil Oil in 1976. The company went private in 1988. Barely surviving the '80s and '90s, Montgomery Ward closed all retail operations in May 2001.

Parts And Repair Information

Although Montgomery Ward is no longer in business, if you own one of their stoves or ranges, it's possible to purchase appliance parts online from various retailers.


To learn more about warranty and repair information on any Montgomery Ward oven you own, contact a vintage parts supplier online to find out what the warranty is on service parts.

You can either e-mail Montgomery Ward through their website's customer service form, or call (888) 557-3848 from 8 a.m. to midnight (Central time), Monday-Friday.