Glenwood Stove / Range / Oven

Glenwood stoves are an antique variety that were a primary source of heating as well as cooking in households at the turn of the twentieth century. Hundred year old models are still to be found in families that cherish old hand-me-downs and vintage styles. Gibson stoves can be found perfect working order, fueled by wood as well as coal, and/or can be converted to modern gas and electric power sources.

Models such as the Glenwood K belong to the Victorian range and are available at online companies such as the Good Time Stove Company and Bryant Stove & Music Inc.

Glenwood History

Glenwood has a history dating back to 1902 when the Old Weir Stove Company was set up at West Water Street on the banks of the Taunton River in Taunton, Massachusetts. The factory building was then taken over by F.B. Rogers Silver Company and eventually became the Glenwood Stove Company. The historic building is listed in the National Historic Register but is no longer in use.

Parts and Repair Information

Both Bryant Stove & Music Inc. and the Good Time Stove Company provide service, spare parts, as well as advice on maintaining these vintage model cooking appliances.


Warranty for Glenwood products has likely expired, given the age of the stoves.