Hotpoint Ovens and Stoves

General Electric (GE) acquired Hotpoint® as a division in 1952 and the brand name is still used for various appliances, including stoves, (also known as ranges), and ovens.

Hotpoint Stove Product Lines

Hotpoint currently markets one electric and one gas stove. Each type come in three widths and offer a number of other features.

  • Electric: Hotpoint electric ranges can be purchased with a smooth ceramic cooktop and powerful ribbon heating elements beneath the surface or witha traditional cooktop featuring coiled heating elements that can be removed for cleaning. The 30" models have five cu. ft. capacity self-cleaning ovens with single control knobs, a delay bake setting, and auto shut off.
  • Gas: Hotpoint gas range optional features include a lifting top for access to a smooth enamel-porcelain sub-top, high capacity and simmer burners, electronic pilotless ignition, and high quality grates. Extra large capacity ovens are included on most models and some are also designed with clear, see through windows.

Hotpoint's History

In 1910, the first Hotpoint Electric Range was introduced. The company brand name is derived from an electric iron that was invented by Earl H. Richardson, founder of Pacific Electric Heating Company. At his wife's suggestion, he made the point hotter to better iron tricky areas. Consumers soon began calling it the "Hotpoint" and the name stuck.

Parts and Repair Information

Repair parts for a Hotpoint range can be fournd through a local or online repair service or by contacting GE.

Hotpoint's Warranty

Most Hotpoint ovens carry a one-year limited warranty on the entire appliance. GE recommends purchasing their service contract which covers parts and labor for fixing your Hotpoint product beyond the warranty period. Replacement value starts at 100% during the first 2 years with a declining amount as it ages. Appliances are covered under the service contract for 15 years.

Contacting Hotpoint/GE

GE Answer Center: 800-626-2005