Kenmore Stoves/Ranges/Ovens

Kenmore cooking appliances are well known to consumers seeking value and quality. Their Elite line is known for up market chic and innovative functionality. The Pro line offers professional styling and features for the home cook. With these products and the more basic models, a consumer can find a gas and electric, built-in and freestanding appliance options within the Kenmore brand.


Kenmore started as a manufacturer of washing machines in 1927 under the aegis of Sears. The origin of the brand name is shrouded in mystery and is tentatively allocated to Kenmore Avenue, a well-known street in Chicago. After WW II, Sears developed the Kenmore Harmony House range of appliances in cheerful colors and exquisite designs to awaken a sluggish market. Kenmore has not looked back since and is now engaged in the production large and small appliances from shavers to refrigerators.

Parts and Repair Information

Kenmore has extensive after-sales service, and they are easily accessible both online and by telephone. They have authorized sales personnel and centers in many locations throughout the US. Consumers can purchase spare parts directly from Kenmore online or from any Sears outlet.


All Kenmore products come with a manufacturer's warranty. Buyers can also purchase an extended warranty at point of purchase from the retailer to cover any future service or repair needs.

Contact Kenmore

Appliance repairs: 1-800-469-4663
Product questions: 1-888-KENMORE