About Sunray Stoves And Ranges

Sunray, while no longer in existence, manufactured a wide range of products, from gas ranges to wood stoves. Many of these products are still in use in and can be found both in single-family homes and even in RVs. For instance, vintage Airstream RVs came equipped with Sunray stoves as an option from the factory. Sunray products have been produced by companies, such as Glenwood Range, based in Delaware, Ohio. Vintage Sunray stoves, such as their early wood-burning models, can be used to the modern home.

Sunray's Range Of Products

Sunray got its start manufacturing wood stoves, many of which can still be found by enterprising antique lovers. A number of companies are able to modify these vintage wood-burning stoves with modern cook tops, hardware and restoration techniques, enabling them to serve a new purpose in homes. Sunray was one of the first companies to introduce gas ranges and even produced a model with two ovens, one below the range and one mounted above. In a vintage commercial from the American Gas Association, a Sunray stove is featured displaying its ability to keep food warm for hours, without overcooking. Sunray models were not constrained to gas only. The company diversified as electric technology became more readily available and began manufacturing a range of electric models that could fit into narrower spaces, thus increasing their appeal for a variety of uses.

Sunray Warranty And Replacement Parts

Because Sunray ranges and stoves are no longer manufactured, no warranty coverage exists. However, consumers who enjoy using their current model, or have purchased vintage models can still find replacement parts and restoration options through a variety of parts clearinghouses. These can be located online, as well as through brick-and-mortar stores.