Dacor Kitchen Appliances

Dacor makes high-end appliances for kitchens, including a variety of stoves, ovens, and ranges. Their four lines of appliances are Epicure, Millennia, Preference and Integrated. Each line features a different style and different options such as digital controls, convection and self-cleaning ovens, ribbon heating elements, and halogen oven lights.

Dacor cooking appliances have some features unique to the brand. Their Millennia line offers wall ovens, warming drawers, and ranges in several non-traditional colors, such as green and blue. Some Dacor ovens also have a "Sabbath mode", which allows users to comply with observation of the Jewish Sabbath and still use their appliances.


The Dacor Company traces its roots back to the 1933 establishment of an appliance store in California by Stan Joseph. The business grew over the years, as Joseph innovated and invented. The first indoor barbeque and a complete kitchen ventilation system are among the innovations credited to Joseph and his wife Florence. In 1965, they created the Dacor Company, which they ran with the help of their sons. Michael Joseph is the current CEO of Dacor.

Parts and Service

Service for Dacor products is included in their extended warranty. Local service providers can perform maintenance and repairs on Dacor appliances. For information about parts or to order one, see contact information below.


Dacor supports their products with a one-year limited warranty, which covers parts and labor for defects in manufacturing. An extended warranty is available for purchase, as well. The extended warranty is transferable when an appliance is moved from one location to another or when it comes under new ownership. It covers repairs and servicing with no deductible.

Contact Information for Dacor

1440 Bridge Gate Drive
Diamond Bar, CA 91765