Chambers Vintage Stoves

Today, many homeowners look to appliances to enhance the appearance and functionality of their kitchen. Homeowners striving for a retro theme may opt for a renovated antique stove and oven. Chambers Vintage stoves offer a great buy within this category.


In its hay-day, Chambers stoves carried a reputation for innovation. Specifically, Chambers was known for higher capacities, and faster, more even cooking times. Also unique to Chambers models is the ability to turn off the gas and continue cooking with retained heat, an energy and money-saving economy. Most Chambers stove and oven combinations measure 37 1/2" wide, with a depth of 29 1/2". Heights depend on the model.

Understanding Value

With any antique appliance, the value is largely determined on the condition of the unit, as well as the amount of restoration completed. In the case of Chambers Vintage stoves, expect to pay between $100 and $400 for an average Chambers Vintage stove if it has not been renovated, or if very little renovating has been completed. If the stove has not been renovated, but is in mint (never used) condition, its value may be between $400 and $1000 dollars. However, a nicely renovated Chambers Vintage stove will cost between $2,000 and $4,000. The mark-up originates with the parts and labor required to complete the restoration process.

Parts and Repair

Owning an antique stove can create issues related to replacement parts and maintenance. Restoration services can often provide ongoing service as well as reprint manuals, parts, chrome services, and rebuilding support.

Tips for Restoration

Among the most challenging issues with restoring a Chambers Vintage stove is the porcelain and chrome work. Porcelain chips easily, and the coloring can be very difficult to match. Rusted chrome pieces must be removed, media blasted, and plated. Both these processes are difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Depending on the severity of the chips and rust, the value of the stove may diminish such that the parts are worth more than the whole. Choose your restoration project wisely, and consult an expert for delicate work.