Welbilt Stoves

Welbilt stoves were primarily marketed to residential and commercial consumers in the 1950s and 1960s. They are no longer manufactured, but antique models are still in use today.

Welbilt's History

Founded by Henry and Alexander Hersch in 1929, the Welbilt Corporation initially sold residential gas stoves and later expanded to include electric stoves, hood ranges, furnaces, refrigerators, and other household appliances. In 1995, the Welbilt Corporation, a U.S. commercial food service company, was acquired by Enodis. Enodis' origins can be traced to the mid-nineteenth century when it was founded in northern England under the name of S&W Berisford. Incorporated in 1910 and re-incorporated in 1982 as a public limited company, it entered commodity trading in 1968. Today, Enodis is a leading food and beverage equipment supplier to an international market. Enodis operates under ENO on the London Stock Exchange.

Where to buy Welbilt stoves

Vintage Welbilt stoves can be purchased online or at vintage appliance retailers, at thrift stores, or from private parties.


The warranty on Welbilt stoves will vary by sellers. Because the stoves are no longer made and the brand has been discontinued, replacement parts can be difficult to find.

Contacting Enodis about Welbilt stoves

Enodis Corporation
G lobal Operations Center
2227 Welbilt Blvd
New Port Richey, Florida 34655

Tel: (727) 375-7010