Oven Control Panel

The oven control panel is the central unit that controls and keeps all the elements of your oven working correctly. Control panels can include some or all of the following:

  • A burner switch
  • An oven light switch
  • Indicators for temperature control
  • Sensor cables
  • The oven motor starter
  • Adjustment knobs or buttons that set the oven temperature
  • Magnetic valve conduit wires which maintains the oven temperature

Features of Oven Control Panels

Most control panels are electrical. The features could therefore include electronic oven controls, illuminated touch digital controls, and removable control knobs. Some of the more advanced features could include a programmable oven timer, a digital minute minder, a child lock and even pre-programmed recipes. These types of panels have a display screen which shows various error codes if there is a malfunction. To rectify a problem, users can look up the code in the manufacturer's handbook and follow the instructions provided.

Tips on Purchasing an Oven Control Panel

As with most replacement parts for major appliances, the manufacturer takes most of the guess work out of shopping. Once you have the correct control panel part number, the panel can be purchased from an authorized dealer online or in store.

Manufacturers of Oven Control Panels

The following manufacturers of major appliances supply replacement control panels for their ovens: