Oven Door Gasket

An oven door gasket is located inside of the oven door. It provides an airtight heat seal when the door closes. A cracked or damaged door gasket will allow heat to leak out of the oven which wastes energy and slows the cook time of items in the oven. Additionally, depending on how or where the heat is escaping, a leak could also cause uneven cooking.

Types of Gaskets

There are primarily two types of oven door gaskets: silicone and fiberglass. Silicone can withstand the high temperatures of cooking, but not the higher temps of a self-cleaning feature. To accommodate those temps, fiberglass is used to coat the gasket and give it stronger heat protection.

How to Buy a Replacement Gasket

Replacing a gasket on your oven door is a do-it-yourself task. Before you buy any gasket to replace your damaged or old one, here are some things to think about:

  • Do you have a manual or self-cleaning oven? Self-cleaning ovens will most commonly require fiberglass gaskets because they stand up to the higher temperatures they will be exposed to. In addition, gaskets for self-cleaning ovens will be situated in the oven door differently.
  • What size gasket do you need? Gaskets come in different lengths. Depending on the size of your oven door, you will need a longer or shorter gasket to fit around the whole door. If you are buying from a parts store, make sure you check the size, especially if the gasket is not model-specific.
  • Does the gasket you are buying include clips? Heavy-duty metal clips allow the gasket to be clipped onto the metal door so it will stay in place. Sometimes, when buying a gasket from a general parts supplier and not the manufacturer, it will be sold without clips and you will need to buy them separately.


Much like the ovens they are attached to, gaskets are sold by the brand. Some popular oven and oven door gasket manufacturers are: