Oven Door Handles

Oven handles, especially in older model ovens, have the unfortunate habit of coming off in the hand that yanks it. If food is in the oven and the door cannot be opened or closed properly, the meal is in trouble. Luckily, replacement oven handles are widely available at service and repair centers and online shops.

Common Types of Oven Handles

Oven handles come in plastic and metal varieties depending on the style of the oven. They range from sleek ergonomic designs that go across the whole door for ease of handling to smaller styles that fit into the palm of a hand.

How to Buy a Replacement Oven Handle

When buying a replacement oven handle, try to match the brand and model number of the oven. Even though it may not affect the working of the oven, the wrong handle will take away from the aesthetics, and could create other oven door related problems in the future. Oven door handles range in price from $20 to $90, with the average being around $50.

Generally, to replace an oven door handle, you will need to remove the oven door from the appliance and lay it on a flat surface. Place the front of the door at a comfortable level facing you. Carefully remove the screws holding the inner door panel and then the screws holding the oven door handle - or what's left of it. Install the new one in its place, screw back the inner panel, and as a final step, replace the oven door back on to the appliance.

Who Makes Oven Door Handles?