Oven Doors

Oven doors come in many different shapes and styles. Often repairing or replacing an oven door can be do-it-yourself project, but replacements parts for the oven door will vary in style and cost. If your oven door has a glass pane and there is a crack or break in the glass, it is best to promptly replace the glass or the door. Undercooking food is another sign that your oven door may be in trouble. Check to see if heat is escaping from any part of the oven, particularly around the door.

Oven Door Parts

Because there are several components to oven doors, you may be able to replace just one or more parts instead of the whole oven door. Commonly replaced over door parts include gaskets, glass, and hardware.

A gasket probably needs to be replaced if heat is escaping from around the door when the oven is off. Oven door gaskets can range anywhere from $30-$100 or more depending on the length and brand. Gaskets may be sold with clips --or they might be sold separately. In any case, you will need the clips to install the gaskets. Generally you can purchase gaskets from the manufacturer of your stove.

Broken glass might be another cause for door replacement. As with other oven components, seek out a replacement using the manufacturer and oven model number. The glass is often held in place by screws that can be reused, if possible, from the previous pane. Ovens often have outer and inner glass, so you may only need to replace one. Glass has a wide price range depending, again, on the manufacturer and the size of the glass pane, but different panes often will fit into several different makes and models of ovens.

Broken hardware includes door handles, knobs, or other surface decorative items. These parts can often be purchased at a local hardware store and be replaced easily with a screwdriver. New handles or hinges are easy to find, but be sure to buy them for your make and model of oven to ensure a proper fit.