Oven Drawers

Oven drawers are usually located at the bottom of a unit, below the main cooking compartment of an oven. In ovens with a broiler, the drawer supports dishes that are heated by flames or heating elements above the drawer. Oven drawers are usually simple in construction, often made up of a drawer body, front panels, two tracks, and rollers and bolts and screws.

Common Types of Oven Drawers

Oven drawers are most common in standard freestanding gas and electric units. In ovens that do not have a broiler, these drawers are useful for storage of flat, wide baking and cooking pans. Many people also use their broiler compartment for storage when they are not using them for cooking.

Buying Replacement Oven Drawers

Replacing an oven drawer is often not very complicated for those with experience performing minor repairs and replacements. With the right tools, parts, and instructions, it can be a quick task.

Oven drawers are usually not sold as whole units. The screws, bolts, tracks, panels and drawer components are often sold separately. The types of components appropriate for a unit will depend on the model of oven. Often the same parts are used for different brands of ovens. Manufacturers are often able to provide consumers with information about parts for specific ovens, including part numbers, which can make the buying process much quicker and easier. Individual or sets of parts are available at a number of hardware stores, through manufacturers, online or through appliance repair stores.

Who Makes Oven Drawers

Oven drawers and their parts are either manufactured by the original manufacturer or by another company. Companies like Whirlpool, GE and Kenmore may manufacture some parts of an oven drawer, such as the panels and drawer body, and outsource other parts to other companies.