Oven Thermostat

The thermostat is an instrument present in both gas and electric ovens to set a specific temperature as well as regulate it automatically. It controls the interior temperature of the oven by turning off and coming on when necessary to maintain the desired temperature. The thermostat is connected to a knob or switch on the control panel of the oven which is used to adjust temperature.

Common Types of Oven Thermostats

Thermostats vary according to the type of oven, and newer models are definitely different from the older ones. In a gas oven, the thermostat controls the flow of gas in order to regulate temperature. If the gas oven is electrically operated, or in electric ovens, the thermostat works by controlling the flow of electric power to a glow coil. When the desired temperature is achieved, it breaks the flow of power with an audible click. When they are not working, electric thermostats have to be replaced as a whole unit

Electronic thermostats are wired to a circuit board to which it is attached via a probe. The probe plays the part of a sensor and sends signals to the circuit board when the heat needs to be lowered or raised. The electric burner then switches on or off as per the signal.

How to Buy a Replacement Oven Thermostat

Oven thermostats are temperamental and not known for longevity. A thermostat could be malfunctioning even when the indicator shows that it is working. Burnt or undercooked food is often the sign that a thermostat needs to be changed. Fixing or installing an oven thermostat is not a huge task for those that know their screwdrivers and can usually be completed in a couple of hours. However, it does involve working with electricity and a home repair service is always a good option.

When purchasing a replacement thermostat, it is important to know your oven's brand name and model number. Most the largest makers of ovens also sell parts that fit their machines. If purchasing a universal replacement, make sure it is designed to fit your appliance.

Who Makes Oven Thermostats?