Oven Windows

The oven window, or oven glass as it is sometimes called, is the transparent part of the oven door located at the front of the appliance. The purpose of the window is to allow users to see what is happening inside the oven when they check on food doneness or watch cooking progress.

About the Glass in Oven Windows

The glass used in ovens is called tempered glass. It is able to withstand high heats, and in the case of breakage, it shatters into small, pebble-shaped pieces that are not sharp.

Most oven windows are square, but their size varies with the brand and model of the oven.

How to Buy an Oven Window

To purchase a new oven window you will need to know a few things:

  • The size of the window. This can be ascertained by measuring the glass or checking the manufacturers handbook that came with the oven.
  • The thickness of the glass. Again this can be measured or the appliance handbook should include that information.
  • Because the glass is glued into place, a durable adhesive that can withstand the high temperatures is necessary.

Who Makes Oven Windows

Most of the time, the oven manufacturer will be able to provide a replacement oven window or point shoppers to the nearest dealer. Alternatively, if you have an older model oven and the window is not as easy to track down, then search for made-to-order oven glass companies. These companies can make glass to any specification required.