Stove Burners

Burners on a stove distribute heat from a gas fire or from electricity onto some kind of coil or cover that spreads out the heat. In turn, the pot or pan on the burner gets hot and the food inside is cooked. Whether you have an electric or gas stove will impact the procedures for finding a replacement stove burner.

Gas Burners

Gas burners can be ignited either by a pilot flame or through electric auto ignition. If they are lit through a pilot, a flame is always burning in the range and turning on gas from the burner draws flame from the pilot source. In electric ignition, an electric spark is used to ignite the gas. Replacement gas burners must be designed to work with the type of ignition system on your stove.

Replacing a gas burner can range in price from $20-$40, depending on the size of the burner head. In some cases, the range or cooktop may have a sealed gas burner, which is also fairly easy to replace.

Electric Burners

Since electric burners run on electricity wired through to the burner, the replacements parts are different than those of a gas burner. When replacing an electric burner, you will usually need to purchase both the electric burner and the receptacle for the new burner.

When replacing an electric burner, make sure that the original wires are in good condition and no components are burned or separated. If you find any other damaged parts, you will need to replace them, as well. If the electrical work gets complicated, an electrician may need to be involved.

Who Makes Replacement Burners?

Companies like Frigidaire offer a variety of burners for their products as well as for Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, and Maytag. Frigidaire also sells universal burner parts that will work on virtually any electric stove. You will need to know the size of the burner replacement, however, so you can purchase the right one.