Stove Heating Element

A stove heating element is the part of the stove that keeps the oven hot when it is turned on. It is the wire that glows red when it is working. Most problems that occur with ovens are often due to the heating element. Fortunately, a heating element is easily changed and can be purchased from many retail outlets.

Common Types of Stove Heating Elements

Stove heating elements can be of two types: the bake element or the broil element. The bake element is found in the bottom of the oven while the broil is found in the oven roof. Some units will use either the broil or bake element alternately or both could be used simultaneously to heat the oven. Both types of element are available for electric or gas units.

Heating elements are available in many different patterns including square, S, or E shapes. Elements carry connections that are available in a screw-in or push-in option.

How to Buy a Stove Heating Element

Before purchasing a heating element, it is important to know the features that are required for your appliance.

Heating elements are available in lengths from 15 to 19 inches and in watts ranging from 1500 to 3000. In addition the voltage could be as low as 208 or as high as 250.

You can purchase a replacement heating element directly from the manufacturer of the stove using the part or serial number quoted. If that option is not available, an OEM (universal) element that is compatible with the brand oven you own will be fine.

Who Makes Stove Heating Elements

Some of the major manufacturers of heating elements are as follows: